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A rolling landscape of five green, rocky mountain peaks and two small lakes fading into the distance

AHRC Leadership Fellowship: 2016-18

Performing Mountains was a 24-month project culminating in the completion of an academic monograph (Palgrave, 2020), a new piece of practice-led research, based on the first ascent of Indian Face in Snowdonia, (stage@leeds, November 2017; followed by a screening at the Kendal Mountain Festival), several public talks and an international symposium.

KMF were close collaborators on the project alongside a postdoctoral researcher, Dr David Shearing, who developed the performance piece and gathered brand new data for the project. A wide range of public events has been delivered, including talks at Mountain Festivals in the UK and Canada and a very popular series of Mountainsides seminars, bringing together theatre academics, mountaineers and explorers to discuss common themes such as risk, light and composition. Two panels at the Kendal Mountain Festival have also featured research from the project.

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