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New Writing and Interviews

Other Everests

As part of his contribution to the AHRC-funded research network, Other Everests: Commemoration, Memory and Meaning and the British Everest Expedition Centenaries 2021-2024, Jonathan Pitches is exploring theatrical interpretations of Everest, asking the question: what does it take to put the mountain on stage?  Early in 2023, he conducted interviews with four playwrights and artists who have done just that, with productions spanning from 2018-2022.


The Sherpa and the Beekeeper

Interview with Matt Kambic

The play premiered on 25 May, 2022 at the Meteor Theatre, Hamilton, New Zealand.

People seated in rows in a studio theatre looking at two men on a white mountain stage set

The Sherpa and the Beekeeper at the Meteor, Hamilton, New Zealand ©Matt Kambic


The Climbers 

Interview with Carmen Nasr

The play premiered on 17 June 2022 at the Theatre by the Lake, Keswick, UK.

Two people wearing climbing clothing looking forwards and standing on a plain white backdrop. Another person in climbing clothes is walking behind them. Stage lighting is visible above and at the sides of the backdrop.

The Climbers in production at the Theatre by the Lake
©The Other Richard








On Everest 

Interview with Gregg Whelan and Gary Winters (Lone Twin)


A man wearing t-shirt, shorts, climbing boots and gloves stands with one leg raised on stage between three paddling pools. Behind him is another man dressed the same wearing a large backpack.

Performance of Lone Twin's On Everest at stage@leeds, University of Leeds, 22 March 2018 © Jonathan Pitches


Jonathan's essay will be published in 2024 in an Open Access collection of critical essays that address key themes highlighted by the research network.