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Mountainsides Talks



What shared languages are there between climbing and performing and what gets in the way of a good conversation? How are terms such as, risk, composition, line, narrative, movement and training understood in the two domains? How far is it true to say that climbing is a form of performance and can learn from the languages of theatre and performance studies? And what are the key ideas in hiking and climbing that resonate with the live art of performance?

As part of the AHRC funded fellowship: Performing Landscapes: Mountains, we are delighted to announce a series of public conversations between prominent mountaineers, climbers and hikers and academics of theatre, performance and cultural studies. Each event will be introduced by a concise ‘micro-lecture’ on the theme, followed by contributions from each speaker. The majority of the time will be given over to animated conversation, robust debate and productive interjections from the floor.

Events are free but booking for any of the events is essential:


1st March 2017                      RISK:          Victoria Robinson and Stephen Venables         ARCHIVE 

A dark mountain covered with patches of snow beneath a brooding grey sky

24th April 2017                     TRAINING:   Maria Kapsali and Mick Ward                            ARCHIVE 

A dark forest in the foreground with rocky mountainous peaks behind it disappearing into the distance. Clouds form around the mountain peaks.

6th June 2017                        LIGHT:        Angus Farquhar and Alan Rowan                      ARCHIVE

A mountainscape at night artificially lit by bright spotlights. White light beams project up into the night sky.

27thSeptember 2017           COMPOSITION:   Kate Lawrence and Nathan Walker          ARCHIVE

Looking down onto a vertical rock face with three people abseiling down it, facing towards the ground. A grassy, rocky landscape awaits them at the base of the rock.

The first mountainsides symposium was held in April 2016 and you can access a full record of the talks here.