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Date: Wednesday September 27, 2017.
Presenters: Kate Lawrence and Nathan Walker
Chair: Professor Jonathan Pitches

 Kate Lawrence

Nathan Walker

Panel Discussion (Audio Only)

Mountainside: Composition

Presenters: Kate Lawrence and Nathan Walker

The vertical axis of mountain environments has inspired artists, writers and dancers to create new and rich vocabularies of expression.

In what ways do mountain environments inspire compositional strategies? How can the technical and phenomenological experience of climbing be useful to creative practice and composition? How do the natural processes of rock formation and erosion of mountainous landscapes function as a means to consider compositional practice (in relation to time, space, materials of creative process/work)? What do line, layer, tension, feeling mean in the space between climbing and art practice? What does the practice of naming or authoring tell us about the artistry of climbing and about climbing inspired art? To what extent does the vertical offer alternative perspectives on dance and physical performance?